Art Over Macleay Park

December 7-8, 2013
Our Thirteenth AOMP Show was held the first weekend of December.
This was our 8th annual winter and holiday show.
Here is our artist line-up for 2013's year's holiday show.

Our returning featured artists are listed below.  Just click on the name to reach their page on this website!

Elisabeth Cook Sullivan      Ceramic sculpture
Kris Zorko   Paper arts  
Douglas Dooley  


Melissa Meinz   Jewelry  
 Pam Nichols   Encaustic Paintings  
Shawn Bartlemay   Turned wood  
Howard Schneider   Rescued wood  
Jane Godfrey/Sondra Radcliffe   Glass
Alycia  Alyen Tolmach   Fiber arts
Judith Rose   Jewelry 
Terry Powers    Metal Sculpture 
Koka Filopovic    Paper arts

AND Presenting for the first time at AOMP

Margie Yap   Leather and Fiber handbags
Bob Zorko   Paintings