Art Over Macleay Park

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Art Over Macleay Park Spring 2010

Our second Spring show was held on May 22 and 23, 2010, in the usual place.
This was the year we finally realized we were here for the long run,
and so we started putting the year and the season on our post cards.  
It's funny how stupid we can all be about these important tiny details.

Our theme this time around was a bit more towards the garden and a bit more of a craft theme.
We're thinking to "go crafty" for the spring shows and "go fine arts" for the winter show!

This show had four returning artists.  Liz and Jude did their sixth AOMP together. 
Robin Palmer returned for her fourth AOMP and Judy Lane Green for her second show with us.   
We added five new artists this time. 
Missy Lambert makes beautiful stained glass windows.  They were gorgeous, hanging in my front window! 
Jane Russell brought her fairies and fairy couture.  You just have to see it to believe it! 

There were two last minute additions, who joined us after the post card went out. 
Holly Hestand was our jeweler this time, with her lovely hand made silver items. 
We were lucky to add Nosivad, a nationally known and *very* talented metal sculpture! 

And, always listed last but never the least is Kris Zorko with her wonderful hand made paper books
and her lovely mosaic mirrors. 

Here is our show lineup

Judee Moonbeam ~ Wearable fiber arts
Roberta Palmer ~ Concrete leaves
Judy Lane Green ~ Baskets and Weaving
Jane Russell ~ Fairy Couture
Missy Lambert ~ Glass windows
Holly Hestand ~ Jewelry
Nosivad ~ Metal Sculpture
Kris Zorko ~ Paper

And, Here Is Our Photo Gallery!

(still updating!!)