Art Over Macleay Park

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Art Over Macleay Park Winter 2009
Our Winter, 2009 show had 1 new artist and 5 returning artists.  This was the last of the small and cozy AOMP shows. 
Most have at least a dozen artists now, and we try to shake it up every time with a mix of new and returning artists. 

But, AOMP09W was a landmark for us, we invited our first MALE artist! 
We were thrilled to have photographer Patrick Smith join the AOMP family. 
Patrick lives with his wife and two daughters, so he really knows how to work with women. 
He fit right in and we loved having him and his wonderful photography!
Our lineup for Winter 2009 was as follows

Elisabeth Cook Sullivan ~ Ceramics
Diane Ahrendt ~ Blown Glass
Judee Moonbeam ~ Wearable fiber arts
Roberta Palmer ~ Concrete leaves
Debra Carus ~ Jewelry
Patrick F Smith ~ Photography
Here is our photo gallery for AOMP Winter 2009.
   09wJudedisplay2.jpg     09wshoppers.jpg    09wDCdisplay.jpg 
shermans_shopping.jpg  09RPECSKZdisplay.jpg