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  APPLICATION DUE DATE for previous artists Applications closed
  APPLICATION DUE DATE for new artists & latecomers      
Applications closed
Nov 8, PC are available on my porch, in envelopes, with names!
  SET UP DATES see schedule below
  SHOW DATES AOMP146w Dates Dec 3-4 and Dec 10-11.  10-6 saturdays 11-5 sundays
  TEAR DOWN By appointment the Sunday evening, Dec 11
  ~ PAYOUT DATE ~Jan 1, 2017
For AOMP16W, no further applications will be accepted unless there is a cancellation.
in such cases, inclusion of your name in advertising cannot be guaranteed.
As the planning progresses we will update the schedule. 
AOMP17S Application and Prospectus

Will be available in early 2017


For the past 10 years, AOMP has been a 2 day weekend show. 
Fees have been a $25 deposit and a commission.
AOMP16W is a two weekend show, with sales potential for mid week sales.
The fee stays the same for a 2 weekend show, but the commission gets complicated and needs clarification.
The fee is a deposit, and is applied to show expenses, which includes cost of postcards and show food/wine.
Typically, the postcards are about $5 for each artist, and for the 2 day show, roughly $10 each artist for food/wine. 
In the past, I've made sure the figures were exact, and artists have gotten a deposit refund of the difference ($10 in this example) with their final check.
For a 2 weekend show, the $25 will cover the approximately $5 for postcards, and food/wine for 2 weekends, at $10 each weekend.
Thus it is unlikely that there will be any deposit refund this time around.
In exchange for this, you get more than twice the opportunity to sell.
Two weekends, plus I'll be around most of the time for the 5 days between, and will likely make some sales.

In previous one weekend shows, commission has been 25%, with a reduction in commission of 2.5% for each 3 hour shift worked.
Shift workers help me with cashiering, wrapping, working with customers on the floor, and the food/wine service.
It's worked well and is actually a lot of fun.
Please understand that I don't make much from the commission.
Most of it goes for other expenses
(signage, office/sales/marketing supplies, wear and tear on my house,
display supplies, food handling supplies such as paper plates and napkins,etc),
I'd like some minimal compensation for all my time this show takes,
but usually it works out to a few cents per hour for many hours of work on my part.
For a 2 weekend show, I have to make a clarification in the commission discount structure.
This is my only way to keep out of the financial hole on this!
If you choose not to work shifts, your commission will be 25% of your total sales for the 9 day period.
Commission on midweek sales (if any) for everyone will be 25%, as I'm covering all that myself.
Your commission discount works almost exactly the same as if you did two separate shows.
If you work shifts, I prefer you work at least two shifts.
If you work shifts in weekend one, you get a 2.5% commission reduction for each shift on weekend 1, applied to your sales for the first weekend.
If you work shifts in weekend 2, you get a 2.5% commission reduction for each shift on weekend 2, applied to your sales for the second weekend.
If you work any 4 shifts, either or both weekends, you get a 5% commission reduction on your entire, two weekend sales.
This is equivalent to the one weekend method, and you get the added benefits of
Potential sales between shows. 
You can leave your packing supplies here over the 9 days if you want to.


It is very important that you read this document.
We try to make your life as easy and comfortable as possible in this show. 
One way to ensure having a good time is to read the guidelines,
so you will know what is expected of you ahead of time. 

Adenda to rules and guidelines:
1.  Back Stock:  Each artist can bring one bin of back stock.  No larger than a 12 gallon bin.  If your backstock won't fit
in a bin, see Liz for special arrangements.  All backstock will be stored in the breakfast nook, and as possible,
sold items will be replaced on the floor with items from your back stock
2.  Storage of your empty bins and packing materials:  If you wish, and within reason and according to space available,
you may store your packing materials in my basement.  I prefer you store them in your car, but sometimes that just doesn't work, especially with a 2 weekend show. 


 Setup for the show is the week before the show, as described below.
You may need to refresh/replenish your stock after the first weekend. That will be available to you at specific times during the week between the shows.
The setup/replenish schedule for AOMP16W is given below. Blank spaces are open slots. /// means not open--that's my time.
Please let me know what time you want to set up no later than the Saturday before the show--Nov 26.
I will keep this chart updated so you can see what times are available.
If you have special needs and none of the open slots work for you, please call/email me.

Please, only one person per open slot, and I estimate 2 hours to set up.
My house can accommodate only 2 people at a time for unloading and bringing stuff in.   
It's OK if you need more time and once you are "in", you can take your time setting up your space.  
If you don't see your name in the table below, please get back to me.
                                                                                     10 am  11 am noon   1 pm   2 pm   3 pm   4 pm   5 pm   6 pm                                                   
  Tuesday Nov 29 /// /// /// /// ///    robin  kris/bob    
  Wednesday Nov 30      alisa  tonia      ///  ///  ///  
  Thursday Dec 1    MV/TD    lyn??  gayla  margie  missy /// ///  
  Friday Dec 2  shawn Carolyn /// Mike /// /// /// /// ///  
  Wednesday Dec 7 (refresh only) /// /// ///        ///  ///  ///  
  Thursday Dec 8 (refresh only)        ///  ///  ///  ///      
  Friday Dec 9 (refresh only)       /// /// /// /// /// ///  

On the two saturdays, shift 1 is 9:30-12:30, Shift 2 12:30-3:30, Shift 3 3:30-6:30
these are full 3 hour shifts.There is one "special" saturday dec 3 shift, from 6:30-9.
the special shift and shift 3 on saturdays include restocking from backup
cleanup, and preparation for the Sunday show.
On Sundays Shift 1 10:30-1:30, Shift 2 1:30-4:30 SHIFT 3 is 4:30-7:30.
For Dec 4, shift 3 includes prep for the next weekend,
which will include restocking and cleanup, as well as some teardown, since I have to live in my house for the next week. 
But it will probably be short.  Not a lot to do.
The shift 3 on Dec 11 will include complete show teardown.

There is one "special" shift on Dec 11, from 5-8, which is the cleanup shift.
Because shift3 on sunday and the cleanup shifts on Dec 11 are more strenuous than the other shifts,
the folks doing these shifts will receive an additional bonus of 1% reduction on their commission rate. 
Here is the workshift status as of Nov 10.  The slots in Red below MUST be filled, and if not by artists, I need to find helpers.
The slot in pink is a nice-to-have. The blue slots--can use but don't absolutely need. 
We can switch jobs around.  I can take cashier but if I do, I need to replace myself on the floor.  And it is SOOO nice to have someone "own" the food and music!
We can get by with what we have on Dec 3.
We need 4 shifts filled on Dec 4.
for Dec 10 we need 2 bodies in shift 3.
For dec 11 we need 3 bodies in shift 3. and one in shift 1
So if you haven't signed up for workshifts and want to, or if you definitely don't want to do shifts please let me know soon.
Working shifts is not required, but it sure makes my life easier.
MIKE:  I'm assuming you'll do what you usually do--signage and help with cleanup?? And I scheduled you for set up as per usual...
Patrick, Margie, Tonia, Tommy, Madeleine, Missy, are you going to work shifts?  there are lots available and I need the help!
                                                                     job       SHIFT 1   SHIFT2   SHIFT 3                                                                         
  ok Friday Dec 2 signage  ///  /// Mike, Liz  
 Saturday dec 3 staff is full ok Sat Dec 3 MGR & BU Liz liz Liz  
  ok Sat Dec 3 cashier Shawn  shawn    
  ok Sat Dec 3 sales  Lyn      
  ok Sat Dec 3 sales     ///  
  ok Sat Dec 3 Kitchen & wrap  gayla  gayla  gayla  
  ok Sat Dec 3 special shift Gayla        
  ok Sun Dec 4 MGR & BU Liz Liz Liz  
  ok Sun Dec 4 cashier    tonia    
  ok Sun Dec 4 sales  lyn   carolyn  
  nok Sun Dec 4 Kitchen & wrap     tonia  
  ok Sat Dec 10 MGR & BU Liz Liz Liz  
  nok Sat Dec 10 cashier  Shawn  shawn    
  nok Sat Dec 10 sales  lyn carolyn    
  ok Sat Dec 10 sales        
  ok Sat Dec 10 Kitchen & wrap        
  ok Sun Dec 11 MGR & BU Liz Liz Liz  
  nok Sun Dec 11 cashier        
  nok Sun Dec 11 sales    lyn    
  nok Sun Dec 11 kitchen and wrap        
  nok Sun Dec 11 Cleanup /// ///    




Loadout is a messy and complicated activity. It includes restoring my house, as there is a lot I just can't do alone.  
In the past I've tried to accommodate your personal time schedules.
I'll do that as much as I can this time, but to make it go as smoothly as possible, I'm making assignments.
If your assignment doesn't work, please let me know as soon as you know.

Your assignment will be determined by whether or not you are on Shift 3/cleanup shift on Dec 11,
Where you are placed in the room,
 The amount of packing you need to do.
For those of you on shift 3, you can pack and load out at your scheduled time, or wait until the end of your shift.
If you load out early, you'll need to move your car and come back to finish your shift.
Whatever works!

Here's the rules, again!
1.  You must load out on Dec 11.  After having my house tied up for 9 days, I need it back!
2.  Do not park on the street in front of my house or anywhere on NW 31st until your loadout time.
3.  You may bring, at most, one other person to help you load out, and one vehicle. My house is small, there's only one door, and the street is tiny.
4.  Depending on how things are going, we may ask that you pack completely before you load out. 
This will be determined by how many other people are going in and out of the door at the time.
5.  Cleanup team, I'll let you know if I can let you go early, but plan to be at work until around 7!
Loadout shifts
Loadout shift one:  Begins 15 minutes AFTER we put up the closed sign.  Generally we do that right at 5.
During that 15 minutes, the cleanup crew consolodates the belongings of each artist, with the exception of things in the basement.
They also clear out the front entry and start taking down what can be taken down (curtains and grids in the kitchen, some simple props).
The people I'd like in loadout shift 1, right at 5:15, are Alisa, Shawn, Margie and Gayla.
Also, Kris and Bob
Loadout shift two:  Begins at 6:00, or when there is parking available.
I'd like Robin, Carolyn, tonia, Madeleine and Tommy. (4 cars).
I don't think any of you are on the cleanup team, yet, but if you are, we'll get you loaded up and move your car so you can go back on shift.
At this time the livingroom can be completely restored. The cleanup team can put everything where it belongs.
Loadout shift 3:  Begins 6:45 or when there is parking available. the remaining artists are Missy, Mike, Lyn, patrick. 
Mike, I'm assuming you'll be taking the sign down for me,
and you can pack up any time that works, and load up after we finish cleanup.