Art Over Macleay Park

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Sylvia Emard
Textile Artist

Sylvia is participating in AOMP for the first time in Spring of 2012.  She was recommended to us by several of our previous artists, and we are just thrilled to have her with us for the 2012 Spring show!  Click on her name above to see her website!
Sylvia says:
I am a weaver, dyer and textile artist.
I love to create color and texture with yarn and fabric, and my creations usually express
a memory of hue and composition formed by some past experience of nature - an observation of colorful natural phenomena such as landscapes, weather, flora or fauna.

Creating color and texture with fabric feeds an appetite for stimulation in some part of my brain,
just like tasting a delicious morsel, but without the calories!
Nothing is more gratifying to me than manipulating the shape of plain white fabric or yarn and applying color
by means of immersion, brushes, syringes and squeeze bottles.

I am also delighted when my creations can transmit this stimulating sensation to someone else.