Art Over Macleay Park

Roberta Palmer
While she is a native to Chicago, Illinois,
Portland artist Roberta Palmer grew up taking summer trips to Wisconsin and Michigan,
where she learned to love nature.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a double
major in printmaking and ceramics,
she worked in the art department of a package design company and learned to love type combined with art.
Eventually, Roberta’s love for nature won her over and she moved to Oregon to be closer to nature.
She spent some time working in the art department of a publishing company.
Roberta began casting leaves from concrete and found she could capture the incredible texture and detail of each leaf in the concrete.
She also began adding various colors to the leaf castings to create beautiful, yet virtually indestructible reproductions of nature.
Roberta’s work is inspired by nature, color and texture.
With each leaf, she combines her passion for gardening with her interest in three-dimensional art and her love for painting.
For Roberta, it’s all about the texture.
Today, Roberta’s distinct leaves can be found in homes and gardens throughout the northwest,
whether they are small table-top leaves, or leaves as large as a few feet across.