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Roberta Palmer
Concrete Leaves
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Roberta, Robin to friends, began participating in Art Over Macleay Park in the Winter 2008 show. 
She was our first addition to the core group (Liz, Diane, Virginia, Sharon and Jude).
Several of the AOMP artists met Robin at another show, and quickly fell in love with her work and with Robin herself!  She's been in every AOMP show since. 

Robin doesn't have a web site, so there is a bit more about her here than the other AOMP artists.
You can send her a message, see her show schedule, or sign up for a class by using the links below her name.

If you look at the picture of the AOMP 2008 artists, you'll see that Robin is a tiny person. 
But don't let that fool you--she is incredibly strong, and she works in one of the heaviest media, Concrete!

Robin makes cast concrete leaves, using real leaves that she grows in her garden just for this purpose.  Each concrete leaf is lovingly painted by hand.  Each is unique, each is beautiful.

Robin also makes lovely things our of polymer clay. 
Small leaf bowls, book marks and refrigerator magnets that look like leather, charming recycled bottles, and lovely leaf-theme jewelry.
Here are some photos of her work.