Art Over Macleay Park

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Missy Lambert
Glass Roots Mosaics

Mosaic Glass Windows
Missy first joined AOMP in 2009 and she's been with us in almost every show since!  Click on her name to go to her etsy store! 
Missy Says:

My name is Missy Lambert and I am a 5th generation Oregonian.
I come from a long line of creative people and have always loved the inspirational beauty of Oregon!

I make mosaic stained glass windows with glass factory remnants (the most beautiful trash in the world!) and second-hand frames!
You will see that the frames have some "character"! Recycling and turning trash to treasure is at the core of my art form.

Every little piece of glass is hand cut by me!
Each window is one of a if you see one you love, better get it before someone else does!

It is a challenge to capture the spirit of the glass in a photograph...they come alive in person!
Wait until you see it in the sunlight!


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