Art Over Macleay Park

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Melissa Meinz
Melissa joined us for the first time in Winter of 2010, and has participated in all the AOMP shows since then. 
Her work is simply amazing! 
She is the jeweler in a family Rock business.  
Click on her name to go to the Rocks4Life web site and see many of her fabulous creations!

Here is Melissa's statement!

 "Working with stone in some form or another has been a passed on trade throughout my family's history.
Manipulating stone into a work of art seems to be a generational theme, beginning with my Grandfather Julius Meinz.
Just out of high school during the great depression, he took the only work he could find -- in the granite quarries of Minnesota.
Carving and engraving stone became his life's work.
With stone cutting in their blood,
my parents Dick and Julie Meinz discovered their appreciation for the earths finest stones from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
I continue their developed skills in jewelry design, lapidary, silver smithing and stone cutting to create hand crafted jewelry art."

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