Art Over Macleay Park

Lori Presthus

Art and Music
Egg Tempra

Lori passed away in November of 2013.  She was a brilliant artist and musician, and we all miss her so much!  She was a wonderful person and a wonderful friend.

Lori was a new artist in Art Over Macleay Park 2009 and a returning artist in AOMP13S.
Judee and Liz met Lori at a show in 2008 and were impressed by Lori, her many talents, and of course, her beautiful egg tempra and pastel paintings.  

Lori was a professional cellist as well as a visual artist.

Click on Lori's name above to go to her web site. 
Be sure to enjoy the integration of her art and music in the collage portion of this truly remarkable work.