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Larry Shapiro


Larry Shapiro and Liz Sullivan met at Georgies Ceramics and Clay, where they both took classes. 
Larry's real love is Bonsai, and he took classes at Georgies to learn how to make his unique bonsai trays.  Liz invited him to join one of the AOMP Springtime shows, and he's been with us every spring since!
Here's what Larry says about himself!

Larry Shapiro is a long time bonsai enthusiast. 
He has moved away from  the more traditional bonsai method of using trees in ceramic pots,
to  exploring and developing his own unique style by placing trees in  volcanic rock.
He follows two different styles - Japanese  Ishisuki, and  Chinese Shanshui penjing.
Accompanying his work are ceramic trays he  crafts to complete the ensemble.