Art Over Macleay Park

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Koka Filipovic
Sanctuary Designs

Koka joins us for Art Over Macleay Park Spring, 2012.
Liz met her at a show, and just fell in love with her beautiful work.

Here are Koka's words!

"It is my joy and passion to bring the presence of nature, the spirit of life back into our homes and workplaces.
Art can serve as a powerful reflection, helping to restore our sense of well being, vitality and balance."
Koka Filipovic

"I live in the beautiful foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.
Nature is very much alive in this part of the world.
I enjoy spending “unproductive” moments listening to the sounds of a nearby creek or the song of a bird.
It is in these moments that I experience the presence and a deep reverence for nature.
My passion is to integrate that experience into my life and my artwork.
I have found that I am especially fascinated by the beauty of the leaves and try to capture the endless variation
of their shapes, colors and the exquisite detail through my mixed media collages.
I use a variety of materials found in nature, paint and handmade papers to create images that invite us to experience the feminine aspects of life.”
Here are some photos of Koka's wonderful work!