Art Over Macleay Park

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 Jane and Sondra joined the AOMP artist family for the Spring 2012 show.  Their work is fresh and stunning and is an exciting addition to our show. 

Jane and Sondra say:
For over 40 years Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe have been co-owners of Ambiente Art Glass.
We specialize in unique handcrafted stained and kiln formed glass.  We find working with glass transformative and very inspiring. 
It is an ever evolving art form that invites new learning on a daily basis and we love it.

Three years ago we moved our well established glass business from Cleveland Ohio to Portland Oregon to be closer to family. 
This move,  although at times wrenching, has been both personally and artistically challenging
as we have ventured out of our comfort zones to begin again.

In our work we are inspired by the beauty and changing moods of the natural environment.
We are also influenced by our own photography and love of nature. All of the arts, especially music, dance and the visual arts, support our work.
Additionally, the angst, depth, joys and blessings of life experiences find expression in our creations. 
We are moved by the regenerative and meditative quality of the creative process and the magical illumination of glass
as it changes with the shifting light of each day and season.
As artists we are known for our sensitive use of color and texture,for fluid unusual designs and excellent craftsmanship.

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