Art Over Macleay Park

Elisabeth Cook Sullivan

 Ceramic Sculpture 
Fiber Portrait Sculpture
Tibetan Prayer Flags

Elisabeth, Liz to her friends, is the founding patron of Art Over Macleay Park,
and has participated in all the AOMP shows. 
She does a variety of artwork.  Her personal web site is having a face lift,
and isn't quite ready for prime time,
but you can see a bit of Liz's work here. 
Or, you can click on her name above and see what we have so far!

Elisabeth's primary medium is ceramics, though her fabric portrait sculptures are worth seeing.  
From Ceramics she makes some pottery, mostly in animal hide themes, some "primitive dwelling" birdhouses,
and Tibetan Prayer Flags, which are beautiful to look at and express sentiments that benefit us all.

But mostly she does sculptures.

Her themes in her sculptural work is figurative, both human and animal.
Human sculptures are mostly fabric sculptures of well known and recognizable figures from today and history.
The rest of her sculpture is pure ceramic, or mixed media. 
She has been making her signature giraffe, cheetah, lion, and zebra sculptures and her animal teapots
for many years. 
And, a huge fan of all things equine, Elisabeth has a soft spot for
the sort of dumpy wild white horses of the Rhone delta in France, the Camargue. 
For Elisabeth, every year is the year of the horse, and she always has a selection of new white horse sculptures.

But 2012 was the year of the bird for Elisabeth's work.
She moved into mixed media for these adorable creatures--
they have clay bodies, wire legs and feet, and many are perched on finished and polished driftwood.
Many of these are life-sized renditions of the smaller birds of the Pacific Northwest--
chickadees, nuthatches, finches, wrens.....
Others are larger birds, combined with other themes, such as Elisabeth's Peace Doves.

As for 2013--working more on larger birds--Owls and such. 

2014 was the year of the carousel.  Mixed media--parts are ceramic (including the animals) and other parts are wood and metal.  2015 was the year of "other things"--
managing shows, mostly! 

We'll just have to wait and see what comes next!

Elisabeth is a member of the Oregon Potter's Association and Local Clay, a Eugene-based clay club,
and shows her work throughout Oregon and the Portland metropolitan area.
She chairs the West Linn Fine Arts Festival at Marylhurst University,
as well as producing two Art Over Macleay Park shows each year.  
Her show schedule is ambitious!
Here are a few photos of her work.