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Denise McDonald


“I can’t remember a time as a child growing up that I didn’t have a pen and pencil in my hand. The ability to translate my surroundings to paper has been an on- going process for growing for me.  My skills as a Master Gardener have influenced my love for Natural environment and a fondness for floral and natural landscapes.
My goal with pastels is to push the medium to the limits giving colors that are pure and clean. I like to work from photos and Plein-air drawings, and there times that I just see color in a flower or landscape and just have to put in one of my paintings. For me it's such a pure and instant medium, giving complete gratification.”
Denise McDonald was born in Missoula Montana and has spent most of her formative years in Oregon. She attended the Museum Art School of Portland Or. in the 1960's on a scholarship, majoring in Graphic Arts. She attended extra night classes for additional credit at the Museum Art School in the 1960's and 1970's.
In 1978-79 Denise attended the Oregon School of Arts & Crafts to study Printmaking. Printmaking has brought about an endless supply of self-expression and experimentation with printing mediums, such as etching, lino-cuts and stencils. In 2002 she started working in pastels because it allowed her to work in vibrant colors. Pastels have added endless tone and value to her work because of her love of nature. She relishes the spectacular beauty of the northwest and its plant life with its play on lights-and-darks and vibrant colors.
Denise  has exhibited in Salem's Camas Gallery and Beaverton's Showcase. In 2010 she exhibited her work at the Beaverton's Farmers Market Paint Out Hunger program to benefit the Oregon Food Bank for the community. In the past she has participated in the West Linn Art Festival, Celebration of Creativity in Beaverton, Portland Open Studios and Art in the Burbs, Linnfield College’s Art in the Park.
Denise's studio is in Beaverton OR, where she produces and displays her work.
Beaverton,Or. 97008