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Bob Zorko
2180 SE Cedar Park Ct.
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(503) 693-6081

Artist Statement:
I have been painting since I was a youngster -- remember those paint by number sets?
Presently my medium is acrylics on canvas.
I paint because I enjoy the process so much.
To take a blank canvas and transform it into a painting is a magical and powerful thing.
Once I start a picture I can’t wait to see what the finished painting will look like!

I use brushes in my work,
but I prefer experimenting with a palette knife, a spackling trowel, a toothbrush and my fingers!
Painting transports me, either to places I’ve been, or places I’ve only dreamt of.
Inspiration comes from my childhood growing up in northern Montana
and from time spent in Tenakee Springs, Alaska.
But I also enjoy creating scenes from exotic, faraway locales.
A photo of a mysterious alleyway in Tangiers sparks my imagination
and is the starting point for a series of Moroccan cityscapes.
I’ve only recently started sharing my paintings with the public,
with a piece included in Art Over Macleay Park
and most recently, a showing at the Columbia Gorge Art Festival.
I’ve just been accepted into the juried Artists Among Us Annual Fine Art Show and Sale.
Now I’m happy to share my work with you!
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