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Michael Mason
Flower petal art
A native Oregonian, Michael’s medium is truly from the natural world.  His “paints” are like none other: Michael “paints” with flowers. 
Most of the flowers in his prints are grown in his garden. 
They are harvested and carefully preserved to maintain as much of their original color as possible.
When dried, many of these delicate flowers are extremely fragile and difficult to work with,
having a petal thickness of about .0005 of an inch, about the width of a human hair.
 Michael uses many commonly recognized garden flowers such as tulips, poppies, roses, vinca, petunias, camellias, carnations and violets.
In addition, he uses many other wild flowers and even weeds for his compositions.
Michael grows native Oregon plants for sale to retail nurseries specializing in unusual plants.
Those Solomon’s seal, star flower, twisted stalk, licorice ferns and other Oregon native wildflowers
also find their way into his work.
As native trilliums are a protected species, he grows them from seed -
a process that takes from four to seven years from planting to bloom.
So as to capture the piece before vital colors fade, gyclees are made from original flower art.

   Mason_-_Dr._Who_Small.JPG     Mason_-_Garibaldi_-watermarked.jpg 

Michael is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, with a BFA degree in printmaking.
Both his original art and giclee prints are available for sale and prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes.
All are printed on archival rag paper using ink guaranteed against fading for 200 years.
Prints on ceramic tiles are also available.
To see more of his work, please visit his web site at