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Margie Yap
nnnFor more than 25 years, I have studied and taught Chado, the Japanese Tea Ceremony
in Portland, Seattle, New York, Kyoto, Hong Kong, London, Paris. 
So naturally, the design and craftsmanship of SweetPersimmon purses and handbags
flow from the aesthetics you find in the Japanese Tea Room.

On first glance, SweetPersimmon purses are understated, sophisticated, and elegant. 
But look closer…you’ll always find a touch of exuberance.
A splash of color from an antique kimono or obi.
A brilliantly accenting lining; a beaded zipper pull.
Mitate (me-ta-tay): 
“see with new eyes.”
All leather is new but was originally destined for fine furniture.
The vintage kimono and obi that contribute their patterns
were once worn to the tea ceremony.
A rich but modest beauty that waits patiently to be discovered.
Very little bling.
Useful and timeless design, always.

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