Art Over Macleay Park


How do we select our participating artists?
There are three major considerations. 

The first is, of course, the quality of the work
We've always functioned as "invitation only", selecting then recruiting desired artists.  
We still do that.  But as our reputation has grown, we have many artists have expressed interest in participating. 
We welcome these inquiries, and now accept applications.
Contact us to inquire!

Our second consideration is how the artist's work fits into the mix.
We generally have only one artist per medium.
This keeps it interesting for the customers and reduces the competition between the participating artists.
Third is how well the artist fits in with the style and model of AOMP, and with the other artists in the show
We want it to be fair for everyone and we want everyone to have a good time.

Over the years, there have been over 50 different artists/artist pairs who have participated in Art Over Macleay Park!
We consider each artist who has been in an AOMP show to be a part of our family. 

The names below will connect you with pages about any of our current and previous participants!
They are listed in the order in which they became AOMP artists.
For the artists who have web sites of their own, their site is referenced on the artist's page. 
For those who don't have a web presence of their own, their pages here are more elaborate.

 Ceramic Sculpture, Driftwood
      Jan Behrs * windowsill gardens
 Blown Glass
 Garden art
 lampwork beads and  jewelry   
 recycled glass garden art
 Wearable Art
Chinese Painting
 Concrete leaves & Polymer clay  
 Egg tempra paintings
    Turned wood
 Glass  Mosaic windows
Wearable art
 Paper and mixed media
 Fairy Couture
 Ceramic Garden Art
 Metal Sculpture
 Shibori scarves
 Paper arts
recycled wood
 paintings & printmaking
stained glass
 Driftwood Artists
John Yee * 
 jewelry     Jewelry
Pam Nichols *   Encaustics    Terry Powers *  metal sculpture
Virginia Parks *    Encaustics    Kyle Kraiter *  blown glass
Carol Yamada *    Fairy Houses   Tonia Twigger McConnell *
Margie Yap *  
Leather and fiber handbags   Bob Zorko  *   painting
 Siri Schillios Paintings    Kelly Boverman *   Garden art
 Lyn Kennison *  Glass    Shelly Durica-Laiche *   Garden art
Karen Van Hoy * Fiber   Mike Mason *   Flower Petal Art
 Ceramics   Joska Rettig *  Jewelry
Photography   Tamara Dinius * Painting
Nicole Curcio *
Roger Pettry *
 Dragon puppets
Carolyn Lindberg *
Fused glass
Madeleine Vanstory *
Debra Hilliary *  Handbags   Gail Grant *  Pen and Ink drawings
Howard Schaller * Paintings   Dale Archer * Paintings
Kandyse Whitney *     Darris Dietz *  Ceramics
Tommy Day * Photography   Gayla Travino * Paper Flowers
Alisa Looney *  Enameled jewelry, metal sculpture